The Samsung GearVR powered by Oculus has been a thing for several years now inspiring Google to make their own VR platform (daydream).  The GearVR VR offers a well designed VR platform with a healthy portfolio of applications to choose from.  Here are some of the apps I recommend.



This is a no-brainer, an absolute must download/install if you have Netflix & a Gear VR headset.

It's pretty self explanatory.  It's Netflix in VR.  You're placed in a living room setting sitting on a couch in front of a giant TV screen with... you guessed it.  Netflix loaded up.

"Why would anybody want to watch Netflix in VR and not in their own living room?"  It's a good and fair question.  Maybe you're not in a position to sit back and relax in your living room, maybe you're on Wifi in a library, plane or sharing a dorm room, who knows.  This app not only allows you to immerse yourself in a comfortable living room environment but you get to enjoy some Netflix while you're at it.

It's also great to have to showcase people your fancy GearVR headset.  Many people have VR so they're instantly intrigued when you tell them you can teleport yourself into a luxury living room and binge watch your favorite netflix show with this thing.  It's relatable and a great showcase app.


This is one of my favorite apps for parties.  I have all the experiences so far (crazy girlfriend, spiders, snakes, ghosts, scary clowns, fear of heights, etc.).  This is another great app to share with friends who might want to try VR out and might not have their own GearVR headset.  It's a collection of 3D animated short experiences that test your fear of common phobias like spiders, claustraphobia, snakes, etc.  They're not just 360 videos.  These are actually 3D experiences with some subtle variations that make the experiences a little more dynamic.  I don't want to spoil it by going into particulars but I highly recommend this app.  NOTE: This is a bit scary, I wouldn't recommend this for the faint of heart or for children.



This may or may not be pre-installed on your GearVR, I don't recall.  But it's a very short intro to 360 video in VR.  It's a montage of various 360 video experiences aligned with an inspiring narrative that hopefully will intrigue those experiencing 360 Video in VR for the first time to get a general taste of what to expect.  This won't appeal to those already familiar with the technology, but I find this to be an excellent primer for those trying my GearVR headset who are curious to know what's it all about.  This is a short video that's safe for the people of any age.


This is an oldie, but a goodie.  This is one of the first VR educational experiences I've had the plasure of trying out.  The premise is simple, you're in a spaceship on a tour of the sun and planets in our solar system.  It's a linear experience for those fascinated in space and interested in knowing a few interesting facts about our solar system and beyond.  The nice thing about this being 3D generated is the sterescopic sensation.  You feel like tiny planets are tiny and giant ones are huge.  There's an excellent sense of scale with this app that keeps it as one of the best.  It's also a classic since this VR experience has been around since the Oculus DK1 (early days of modern consumer VR).


Let me premise this by acknowledging that this app could easily offer much more than it does but it's a great start and a must have for those stuck in an environment that they may not want to be in (Airline?).  It's a 3D experience that allows you to transport yourself away from where you are and onto a... perfect beach.  You can be a male or female and you just sit there on the beach enjoying the sun/sunset and sounds.  Put on a nice pair of headphones and just sitback, breath nice and calmly and relax.